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Creating the perfect soil conditions for optimal pasture growth starts with ensuring your soil is well drained. Water-logged soil reduces the available oxygen needed for healthy root growth; this can be a key cause for pasture retardation and overall lack of pasture quality. Driver Laser Drainage provides precision farm drainage services, designed to effectively remove excess water from your pasture before it negatively impacts on your pasture quality. With half a dozen machines including an 11 tonne digger, trucks, tractors, and a high quality chain trencher. Driver Laser Drainage can complete a wide variety of farm drainage work, drainage maintenance, general excavation and haulage contract work on your farm. Our digger is available for dams, races or site work.


Driver Laser Drainage offers a range of farm services, including:

  • Farm drainage
  • Soil aeration
  • Trenching
  • Open ditches
  • Haulage of fertiliser, hay, gravel and more.
  • Excavation


Driver Laser Drainage looks after your farm's drainage necessities. We develop and design drainage systems to properly drain and manage the sub surface water in your fields and farms. We can create complete new drainage systems or work with any current drainage systems you may have, locating your existing drains and designing your new drainage system so that they complement each other. We will also maintain this drainage, so it stands the test of time. We are happy to provide advice and consultation on your drainage requirements, with onsite visits or remote assistance. Our advice comes from over 20 years of hands-on experience in local conditions - you will find our approach highly practical, with solutions to fit both your needs and your budget.


Driver Laser Drainage: creating high quality soil for agricultural and farming businesses all over the Northland region.


Driver Laser Drainage looks after your orchard necessities. Orchard require constant leaf and soil analysis in order to make sure your orchard plants get the most nutrients to achieve maximum yield. Driver Laser Drainage will ensure the drainage doesn't interupt or invade your orchard root systems, designing a system that will have maximum effectiveness for your orchards or crops. In order to achieve this, regular maintenance is required as well as expert soil and drainage knowledge. The team at Driver Laser Drainage has over 20 years of precision drainage and soil aeration experience, making them the ideal choice for your orchard drainage needs.
The ideal fruit soil will have an accessible depth for roots of at least 1metre: to avoid the over-compaction of soil, orchards should be tilled prior to planting. The second consideration is that your orchard soil should not be over-saturated, as this will lead to a lack of usable oxygen reaching the roots of your fruiting plants. Driver Laser Drainage is able to design a subsurface orchard drainage system specific to your orchard, improving the oxygenation of your soil and lowering the height of your existing water table.
Our drainage systems create improved soil quality through effective designs and water management. For the areas of service we service, a lot of the land is used for agricultural or horticultural purposes and therefore the soil quality is of highest importance to our clients. We understand the need for high quality workmanship to achieve the best possible results - and with Driver Laser Drainage, that is exactly what you will receive.


Whether you need us to lay new drainage, repair existing lines or perform general drain maintenance, we can help you. We have the appropriate equipment to enable us to carry out larger jobs, including a highly specialised and accurate laser systems for precisions drainage services, and our customised Ditch Witch, equipped with a vibrating mole plough for ploughing of phone/power cable and specialised pipelines.

We are able easily locate existing pipelines, integrating them into your drainage design so that your drainage system works to maximum efficiency. We provide complete drainage systems for building sites or residential homes, from assessments of site through to design and installation; you can rely on our services from start to finish! Our drainage systems ensure all surface or sub-surface water is successful managed, resulting in healthier soil, increased production and firmer grounds!


Commercial Contracts

We are a professional team of drainage contractors who are experienced in all aspects of drainage. Our team can complete your contract using the latest enviromental products as requested by local councils and engineers, We have a large range of diverse machinery and equipment, and our team has experience with all diameters of pipe, in many different commercial settings.

We are able to manage the drain laying process from the initial design through to installation and maintenance; and as a proudly locally owned & operated company, you can be sure we'll be around should you need any assistance in the future. We stand by our work 100%.

Driver Laser Drainage